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Vemco Group has more than 10 years of global retail experience within people counting and Retail Analytics. We are continuously developing our Vemcount Retail Analytics Solution in close relationship with our partners and customers in order to meet every imaginable expectation and need. Vemcount is therefore configurable, device compatible and available as a hosted or private cloud-based solution in order to work seamlessly with existing ERP- and BI-systems.

Discover Benefits for Your Business

Vemco Group has empowered a wide variety of businesses to gain deep insights into their own operations as well as the behaviour of consumers visiting the stores. Retail Analytics enable retailers to improve conversion rates, optimise store layouts, increase dwell time, minimise queue time, deploy staff more efficiently, improve product offerings and marketing communications and much more.

Discover how your business can benefit from people counting and Retail Analytics.

What’s Going On Here and Now


Gain insights about your customers and increase profitability

People counting is the key to Retail Analytics. Integrating people counting into existing KPI reports allow retailers to assess conversion rates and gain a better understanding of store performance. Vemcount helps retailers measure customer journeys through stores, calculate fitting room conversion, identify the busiest time of individual stores by hour, day or week in order to deploy staff more effectively and more.

  • Track each customer and identify the time spent in the store
  • Measure customer flow at entrance, specific areas, and different store levels
  • Find out how many customers pass by the store and compared to the number of store visitors
  • Analyse hot and cold spots in the store based on customer flow
  • Find out how many customers left the store without purchasing anything
  • Integrate your POS system
  • Quantify how long customers are spending in each section of your store
  • Monitor the performance of your store in real-time on the personal dashboard
  • Rank store performance based on visitors and sales data
  • Measure queue time and minimise waiting
  • Reduce costs by integrating existing people counters into Vemcount

Understand your visitors’ traffic flow and their shopping behaviour

The performance of any shopping mall is highly dependent on visitor traffic. Measuring traffic is therefore an essential key performance indicator for shopping mall operators wanting to increase operational effectiveness and improve leasing strategies. Complicated sales data collection, huge spreadsheets and time-consuming analysis are now history. Tenants can easily report sales figures online from any computer, smartphone and tablet.

  • Understand captive and conversion rates
    (i.e. what is the amount spend per visitor?)
  • Rank stores based on visitor numbers and sales data performance
  • Motivate stores by sharing ranking and sales reports with them
  • Improve sales performance at store level by delivering valuable reports based on KPI
  • Analyse hot and cold spots in malls based on customer flow
  • Track customer journeys
  • Measure occupancy of the mall’s floors/zones in real-time
  • Understand visitor traffic patterns across different time periods from a single to multiple malls
  • Determine which sections are most popular and which are mostly avoided
  • Understand how major anchor stores impact shopper traffic
  • Optimise staffing, maintenance and security based on traffic predictions
  • Measure the time customers are spending at the shopping mall

Shopping Mall


Forecast peaks in demand and avoid queues at the checkout

Research shows that queuing at the checkout is the number one cause of customer dissatisfaction. Hence, short queues – and especially the expectation of short checkout queues – are the keys to build customer loyalty and encourage spending.

Accurate queue measurements can provide significant business benefits, without an increase in staff numbers. Vemcount queue measurement implementation has paid for itself within just months of correct usage.

  • Optimise employee time through predictive queue-based checkout opening/closing features
  • Reduce queues, increase time spent in the supermarket and basket size
  • Schedule staff based on typical traffic patterns (i.e. align staff with peaks in demand)
  • (Re)locate staff relative to real-time service needs
  • Determine the required staff to shopper ratios
  • Match skill sets of staff to ensure optimal customer service levels
  • Forecast queues by measuring flow at entries and reallocate staff accordingly
  • Measure queue lengths and individual queue times at individual customer or shopping unit level
  • Generate real-time alerts
  • Track people waiting in groups or shopping units, such as families

Measure your visitors accurately
and understand their preferences

Accurate traffic data is essential for the operation of public institutions. People counting data is often necessary for grants and government funding which are based on usage of the facility. Public locations are often rated to hold a limited number of people for safety reasons. Vemcount helps libraries, parks, museums, national monuments and similar locations to accurately measure the number of visitors and their behaviour.

  • Report number of visitors on a regular basis
  • Ensure that the building is below the safe level of occupancy
  • Plan shifts for employees
  • Measure conversion rates (i.e. loan percentage)
  • Benchmark several institutions against each other
  • Profile institutions according to their visitors’ behaviour and preferences
  • Measure special event attendance
  • Measure occupancy of your institution in real-time
  • Optimise staffing, maintenance and security based on traffic predictions

Public Institution


Monitor queues in real-time
and optimise passenger traffic flow

It is very important to understand the traffic flow from each entrance of an airport in order to improve waiting time, optimise traffic and increase passenger satisfaction.

Vemcount provides managers with a complete understanding of store performance and evaluation of traffic related data for more effective marketing and operational decisions within airports.

  • Understand the traffic flow of passengers across the airport terminal
  • Identify the hot and cold spots
  • Measure the number of airport users entering a retail outlet
  • Rank stores based on visitors and sales data performance
  • Motivate stores by sharing ranking and sales reports with them
  • Analyse and understand passenger behaviour and trends
  • Measure passenger dwell time
  • Understand passenger waiting times
    (i.e. at airline check-in terminals, immigration and security)
  • Optimise retail staff planning
  • Understand sales KPI
    (i.e. conversion rates or sales per visitor)